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British Monarchs: Edward (the Confessor) (Saxons) 1042-1066

Edward (the Confessor)

House: Saxons
Reign: 1042-1066

Son of Ethelred the Unready, was the penultimate Anglo-Saxon King of England and the last of the House of Wessex, ruling from 1042 until his death.1 His reign marked the continuing disintegration of royal power in England and the aggrandizement of the great territorial earls, and it foreshadowed the country's later connection with Normandy, whose duke William I was to supplant Edward's successors Harold Godwinson and Edgar Ętheling as England's ruler.
He succeeded his half-brother Harthacanute, who had successfully regained the throne of England after being dispossessed by their mutual step-brother, Harold Harefoot; Edward and his brother Alfred the Aetheling, both sons of Emma of Normandy by Ethelred the Unready, had previously failed to depose Harold in 1036.

Edward is considered a saint by both the Roman Catholic Church, which regards Edward the Confessor as the patron saint of kings, difficult marriages, and separated spouses, and by the Eastern Orthodox Church. From the reign of Henry II of England to 1348 he was considered the patron saint of England, and he has remained the patron saint of the Royal Family.

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