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British Monarchs: Richard II (Plantagenets) 1377-1399

Richard II

House: Plantagenets
Reign: 1377-1399

Richard II (January 6, 1367 February 14, 1400) was the son of Edward the Black Prince, Prince of Wales, and Joan "The Fair Maid of Kent". He was born in Bordeaux and became his father's successor when his elder brother died in infancy. He was deposed in 1399 and died the next year.

Because Richard was born at Epiphany and three kings were present at his birth, a legend arose that despite being a second
son, he was destined for great things. Sure enough, Richard became heir to the throne of England, and was created Prince of Wales, when the Black Prince died suddenly in 1376. The following year his grandfather King Edward III of England also died, leaving Richard as king at the age of only ten.

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