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British Monarchs: Henry IV (House of Lancaster) 1399-1413

Henry IV

House: House of Lancaster
Reign: 1399-1413

Henry IV (April 3, 1367 – March 20, 1413) was born at Bolingbroke Castle in Lincolnshire, hence the other name by which he was known, "Henry of Bolingbroke". His father, John of Gaunt, was the third and oldest surviving son of King Edward III of England, and enjoyed a position of considerable influence during much of the reign of Richard II. Henry's mother was Blanche, heiress to the considerable Lancaster estates.
Henry enjoyed a rather more equivocal relationship with Richard II than his father had: they were first cousins and childhood playmates. They were admitted together to the Order of the Garter in 1377, but Henry participated in the Lords Appellant’s rebellion against the king in 1387. After regaining power, Richard did not punish Henry (many of the other rebellious barons were executed or exiled). In fact, Richard elevated Henry from earl of Derby to Duke of Hereford.

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