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British Monarchs: Edward the Elder (House of Wessex) 899-925

Edward the Elder

House: House of Wessex
Reign: 899-925

King of England (899 924). He was the son of Alfred the Great and Alfred's wife, Ealhswith, and became King of Wessex upon his father's death in 899.

Edward's succession to his father was not assured. When Alfred died, Edward's cousin Aethelwold, the son of King Aethelred I, rose up to claim the throne. He seized Wimborne, in Dorset, where his father was buried, and Christchurch (then in
Hampshire, now in Dorset). Edward marched to Badbury and offered battle, but Aethelwold refused to leave Wimborne. Just when it looked as if Edward was going to attack Wimborne, Aethelwold left in the night, and joined the Danes in Northumbria, where he was announced as King. In the meantime, Edward is alleged to have been crowned at Kingston upon Thames on 8 June 900. The following year, he took the title of "King of the Angles and Saxons", distinguishing himself from his predecessors, who had been Kings of Wessex

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