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What does being british mean to you?

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britishness is almost too polite
bob, china, Aisa

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Being British to me means I am part of a unique part of the world that other nations are envious of.
We are a nation that is unique with its monarchy, way of life,with its British mini, telephone boxes, London red buses, Stonehenge etc that other countries try to copy.
I am proud to be British and love my country.
Paul Braithwaite, Skelmersdale, United Kingdom

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Following recent terrorism acts educational institutes have been taught to teach the four British values of rule of law, democracy, liberty and tolerance.
Democracy has become increasingly a myth as electoral turnouts get steadily lower while mps salaries and privileges get higher as the mps expenses scandal showed. The Parliamentary Ombudsman is an effete organization policed effectively by mps themselves. My own MP even sent me a letter advising MPs are not obliged to answer constituents’ issues. In ancient Athens people had only to wait a day if they did not like a politician because the next day the rota meant another citizen could become one. By contrast we have to wait five years to chuck an MP out. Britain sends arms to none democracies. As for freedom of expression it’s subject to libel , censorship and security laws and austerity needs. Government ministers are not obliged to answer letters from the general public.

David Wright, Stockport, United Kingdom

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I was born in the Caribbean. My parents came to the UK in 1960-61 leaving their children with grandparents. I joined my parents in 1964 a year after the Island gained Independence; all with British Passport. Jamaica was under British rule throughout discovers, slavery and its abolishment. I know no other way of life. I grew up in England, was educated through colleges and universities. My ancestors are part African and part British and I cannot trace them back in either directions. My name ’Surname’ came from slave-owners and so all that I will ever be and all that I am, I owe to the British.
Yes, I am proud of being British. I was not involved in past decision-makings, nor can change it. I worked for 47 years fulltime. Good sick work-records too. I have lived nowhere else. I know no other way of life. I have nowhere else to live. This is what it means to be British.

Fully and completely immersed in Britain. Skin not a defining factor.
Leila Simms, Nottingham, England

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being British is part of you. Britian has great history and we would not be GREAT Britian without that. Being British is a huge part of you being you.
Lucy-May, High Wycombe, England

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Being British is about doing the best we can under difficult circumstances, we have lived for centuries trading with and embracing other countries from around the world, we stood up to evil in the world wars and despite being small we came out great and victorious. Our soldiers are disciplined and among the greatest in the world. we didn’t get the name Great Britain by being rubbish, we are inventors and scientists, we are great medical researchers and fighters for injustice, we didn’t become the nation we are today by cow towing to other countries, we became the nation we are by being great at what we do, we can be great again, we can be better than we are today, have faith in your brothers and sisters, the men and women that the world looks to when they’re in trouble. be proud and be the best of British
Janet Powell, Isle of Wight, United Kingdom

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I feel being British means being able to do what lies dorment in your mind, without being judged for it. Being able to express yourself beyond your nationality
Sir Moe Lester, Yorkshire, England

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I think being British is about about some of the cultures and different things that we have in the UK. and all the landmarks like big Ben and the Flag Union jack.It does not matter where u move from into here you will eventually be British.
Steven, Hurstpierpoint, england

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I think that you can call yourself British even if you weren’t born here. It is a good country because you can be yourself without being scared because most people will accept you for who you are.
Gertrude, Brighton, England

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I think being British is a good thing because you can have tea and fish and chips because British people like them and it is good to be but the weather is ok down here but it sometime has rain but 50% 50%.
lauren jade, brigthon, england

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