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What does being british mean to you?

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I think that what makes you British is living in Britain or you have lived in Britain, not your race or religion. We should all be accepting of all races ,religions and cultures.
Elysia, Sayers Common, England

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I think being British isnít exactly what other countries is. we get to be free and be and do what we want to do. our country is more safe than other countries. we have a choice in our country, we are also accepted for who we are and we dont always have trouble. we are lucky to have what we have in our country,for example money,home,family,friends and loads more. i have a happy life and i live in a safe environment and safe schools.
krystal, brighton, england

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For me, being British is all about respect and acceptance. In Britain we are accepting of all races, cultures and religions, and we welcome them with open arms. We are accepted for who we are and what we do, and in Britain, unlike many other countries, it is Ok to be gay, and they are not treated any differently to heterosexuals. Gay marriage is legal, and we have many religions and religious buildings.. we also have democracy and a Royal Family, which is not that common in other European countries. I also think that being British is not about race, ethnicity and religion. If you love your country, are proud to be British, and are a good citizen, I believe that you are British.
Jess, Burgess Hill, England

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Being British means to be born in the uk and to accept all religions and cultures of overís (sorry Nigal farrge) any way it also meanís that you should parse the queen in all her glory.
owen, burgess hill, uk

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Being British is living in a place where any religion is accepted, people have equal rights and can vote for who they want. There is no complete British blooded person, everyone somewhere in their family will have a family member from a different country. Therefore I think it stupid though that UKIP wants to shut immigrants out of our country, because those immigrants are what makes up our culture, which also includes being accepting of one another. Nigel Farage wouldnít be in this country if it wasnít for immigration, because somewhere in his family, someone came from a different country. The BBC, the iconic red buses and big ben also make up the British culture as well as TV shows like Britains got talent.
Poppy, sussex, England

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We have a Queen and a Prime Minister. You have to have a british passport to be a official british citzen, it makes you more british if u vote for parties in polotics. You donít have to believe in God.
Lewis, Hassocks, England

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I think being British is about having the right to express your personal and political feelings without being frightened to do so. Also in Britain every one has the right to do any job whatever your sex, and to be accepted for who you are.
Lol, Brighton, england

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I think being British is how you think it is.In Britain we are free to do what we want and be who we are.In Britain you can speak your mind.We accept people for who they are.Being British is being proud of the country we live in and being a good citizen. In Britain we have a safe and secure environment.
Millie, burgess hill, england

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What makes someone British can be identified in a number of ways. for example having a British passport. the true meaning to being British to me is mostly about friendship, responsibility, love and the actions you take dealing with certain situations. also British people have freewill. You donít have to believe in god in order to be British. my mother is Turkish and my dads sister is French. I am half Turkish, a quarter French and half English. I have 32 cousins in turkey, 4 cousins in France and 6 cousins in the uk
Dan smith, burgess hill, united kingdom

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Being British make you feel proud of who you are and your country of feeling nice that you have the freedom and the kind society.With the achievements that the British have done makes us more of a proud country.
Toby, Hurstpierpoint, UK

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