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What does being british mean to you?

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To be able to have my own free thought and my own opinion as well as to be able to worship whatever religion you want. To have food which is strictly from Britain and to know it came from Britain. To have huge landmarks that represent Britain and that when people think of Britain they think of them.
James, Hassocks, England

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I think being British means that you are loyal to the British society and can respect the laws that are in place
ben, hassocks, england

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I think it means to be patriotic towards important British events both recently and historically such as the world wars and the 2012 Olympics. It is also about being proud to call yourself British, regardless of the views of Britain. And to love tea.
Danielle Morley, Christchurch, Dorset

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I feel that being British is to have arrogance at other nations. To feel as a nation that we are better than others. Our stiff upper lip allows us to look apron other nations with discontent, glad that we havenít got any major issues and that we want to help but we canít. We are too easy. Allowing most people into the UK and then complaining when they take advantage of our generous benefit system and our health service. Iím not a UKIP fan but we need a limit
Sam Herbert, Highcliffe, England

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Being British is remembering the past but looking forward to the future. It began from the myths of this country like King Arthur, to the Empire which bring good as well as bad. Britain is James Bond, Fish and Chips and the Royal Family. Britain is Man U, Harry Potter and Monty python. We may not be the Biggest or the best but we still get a tear to our eye to God save the Queen.
Michael, Sway, England

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Being British is made up of hearty pubs, with heart beers, a good roast dinner and most of all...terrible weather. Being British is living with a strict set of rules with too much state intervention
James underwood, Highcliffe, Dorset

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Being British is about loving this country, remembering the past and honouring the people who fought from the battlefields of France, to the deserts of North Africa, into the sands of Arabia and jungles of Asia, but also look to future, learn from history and build upon past mistakes, be proud to be British as we are a happy race of man, these islands a testament of Natures Beauty, we have inhabited this islands for Thousands of Years, we built a Culture and identity that is uniquely British, we built an Empire stood defiantly against the Evils of Hitler Nazi German and Stalins Soviet Union, Today i think the only way to describe Britain is from a Poem by Alfred Tennyson, "Though we are not that strength which on old days moved Earth and Heaven, that which we are, we are, one equal temper of Heroic hearts made weak by time but not in will, to strive to seek, but not to yield" Remember We Are, We Can & We Will, go forward like a breath exhaled from the Earth....
Toby, Maidstone, England

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British to me means holding a British Passport
peter, Southport, UK

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Our group thinks that the terms being British is all about what the people of our nation have created for others to enjoy. We think that being British is all about being passionate about the country you live in. We also think that being British is creating amazing bands like The Beatles, Blur, The Rolling Stones and Pulp. Music connects people. We as the younger generation also feel that Britain provides comedy geniuses to the world. People like Russell Howard, Noel Fielding and Lee Evans can join the nation through laughter simply by cracking a joke. We as teenagers feel that in terms of food, the traditional Sunday roast or English breakfast entice people to our country to experience our culture. Tea for instance can join generations in a way that truly satisfies our taste buds.
Beth, Rachael and Hannah, Colchester, United Kingdom

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Being British for me is to freely speak my mind regarding anything. Criticise but not offend it is this quality which most pleases me and makes me proud of my citizenship. Free Hospitals, schools are also a way to thank the Monarch. However there are for those people whose grandparents have come from outside the UK a problem. They will never be accepted from the indigenous people as British Citizens. The people of their grandparents countries will not accept them as citizens. However, it is this citizenship that allows me to walk with my head held high wherever i may be in the world.
Shiraz, Peterborough, United Kingdom

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