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What does being british mean to you?

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Being British is to be able to express your views in any way shape or form. Wake up to a cup of British tea with a pack of British biscuits in a British bed watching the British weather. It's to eat an Turkish kebab and down Russian vodka but yet still feel British. Britian isn't perfect but its those imperfections that makes Britian what it is and what makes us British.
AS Citizenship class, Newcastle, England

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Being british isnt about being a specific race or culture, Britain is made up of 4 different countries, England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales, do Scotish people call themselfs British? Or do they call themselves Scotish? I was born it Britian and educated in Britian, worked etc... Does that make me British? Both my parents are British and the family I know of also British, but who am I to call myself British if I'm unsure myself? Ansestors and people I do not know about may or may not be British, which makes me reevaluate wether I'm British or not. Biased oppinions of having to be white and speak the English language are where most of the problems are at. Just because somebody is black or muslim does that give us the right to judge on what identity they are? Being British is simply about loving the country we live in, being proud to call yourself British and doing anything possible to be a good British citizen. If you truly belive that you are British, you are a citizen and you help..
Loren, Salford, United Kingdom

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Being British is difficult to define, and I think we should not spend too much time worrying about it. If being British is the most important part of your identity then you need to lighten up and live a little. Brtisih citizens should, however, feel incredibly lucky to live in what I believe to be one of the morst free and fair societies on the planet. This tolert and accepting nature is something we should all be proud of. Unfortunately the irony is that to many Brits this is the thing they dislike the most! But I do feel this is becoming the minority (just) and long may it continue. Being British is about having the choice to be what ever you want to be, so defining it is impossible.
Tom, Stockport, United Kingdom

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I think its quite difficult to determine what makes someone british however i feel that Britishness is being proud of the country and the countries history as this is what makes the country how it is today. I believe "Britishness" cannot be established through categories such as music, clothes or values - It's a mixture of all these things and more. It is also about understanding that our responsibilities to society and the duty to contribute to it are just as important as standing up for our rights. I think that being british is to have our rights to vote, work, live and be protected in britain.
Jodie, sandown, england

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I think being British is to follow British Law ,be proud of our history and be proud of our multicultural society. Eat british food , like fish and chips and to live and work in England .
Jo, Essex, Britain

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I believe that being British doesn't mean that you have to come from Britain,it just means that you have to come to love the country for what it is, a place of unpredictable weather, lots of fish and chips shops and people always finding something to complain about. That doen't mean we don't like it here, it's just what we do. I believe that being British means loving your country and all that it stands for.
Charlotte, Charlotte, Isle of Wight

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Being British is about being proud of what you have and are able to achieve, we have come so far as a nation and we should have pride in our country. We have the ability to laugh at ourselves, be patient, tolerant, courteous and sociable. We are an individualist culture with many different social groups but we retain a sense of pride and patriarchy and we pull together as a nation in times of celebration. Our monarchy is a symbol of Britain and is envied by others, it is something that is tradition and is rightly celebrated. We value freedom of speech and spirit; in times when we want change we can make it happen for a better nation e.g. suffragettes and the gay rights movement. All who live here should feel the value of being British and should have pride in saying that they are.
Olivia, Olivia Millis, United Kingdom

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Although I believe that it's of overiding importance that everyone is treated in a civilised way, I'm afraid I disagree with the establishment view that race is irrelevant. If all the races in Britain are equally British, I feel that there is less reason to identify with Britishness as opposed to some other nationality. Others will argue that the British have always been a mongrel race, but we were all relatively similar racially until recently. I agree that any kind of uncivilised treatment of anyone is abhorrent and if we have to surrender what I mean by Britishness in order to avoid such treatment, then it's a price worth paying. However, if we could avoid nastiness to ethnic minorities while acknowledging that they are less British that would be better. If these comments are disallowed on the grounds that they are racist,that reinforces the idea that we no longer have the right to say what we think. Treating anyone vilely is vile, but caring what someone's race is is not.
Peter, Sible Hedingham, England

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I think there are many things that make us citizens 'British', from the smallest category of the nation's food being the 'Fish & Chips' all the way to politics and the Monarchy (The Queen). But overall I believe being 'British' is by contributing in the local and national communities and for charities which contribute to other organisations towards improving Britain, including the NSPCC and UNICEF. However, being 'British' is also by contributing politically, e.g having the vote. By giving the vote as a citizen it shows that they find importance in politics and that a 'British' citizen has the choice over who they wish their political party to be. In addition the acknowledgment of 'British' music also contributes to the meaning of being 'British', from The Beatles to Olly Murs - theres so much, but supporting our country in all the positive things that have happened, as well as supporting our country in all the losses also contributes to the meaning of being 'British'.
Chynna, Sandown, England

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Nowadays it doesn't really mean anything to be British. There are many many reasons for this, however in this day and age it appears that to be British is just to be born here in Great Britain although we're not exactly great anymore either. The modern idea of Britishness has become warped compared to what it once was due to the input from other cultures etc etc
callum, shanklin, England

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