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What does being british mean to you?

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Being british isn't exactly all about knowing the national anthem. Knowing every british event possible. Its about being proud of who you are and what you do. Britian is a multi culture society which means it celebrates other peoples ethnic backgrounds. Thats something to be proud of. Even with rough times as they are now Britian still holds together. Just. However thats not the conclussion to brtiain. Its just simply about being proud of who you are what you do. You don't need to know anthems etc. Its about what you want to and can do.
Thomas, Isle Of Wight, England

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To be the first to stand up and do the right thing
Graeme, Londonderry, UK

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I feel blessed to be a Brit and thank God for it, To be part of a peoples called the United Kingdom which is the mother of much of modern western civilization is something to be very proud of!... God had a great purpose for Britain and still does! I'm very proud to be British... God bless the Queen!
Tony, Worcester, England

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I left the UK to live in the USA at age 19, I returned to live in the UK in 2006... I am very American and love America, They know who they are and what they believe. I always felt England was my true home and I never became a US citizen by choice, Because in my mind and heart I was born British and proud of it. England has changed in many ways and in others not at all, However, I fear that those who try to live here as though they are still in their native land are not respectful of the culture here... "When in Rome do as the Romans do" has a lot of validity... All creeds welcome, but please make an effort to be part of the British culture or don't reside here, and remain in your own culture please.
Anthony, Worcester, England

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I believe that being British can not be shown on a bit of paper or in a passport but just living in Britain should be enough to be able to say your British no matter where you came from or what colour you are.
Alexander, Burgess Hill, England

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There is no being british. being british is about being multiculturaland this is celebrated
mcsblog, Oxford, England

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We were once one of the greatest countries in the world. We will be again. Made me proud to be British." A comment given to me after seeing my video "We Are The Brits". It's making people remember and recognise what it is to be British - with the modern world and media taking over every country somehow individual identity has become submerged and disregarded. People want to be proud to be British and able to say it out loud without being politically incorrect! I wrote this song for us all. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dk5uwz2FBoA
Anton, London, England

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I am proudly English and not in the least embarrased in wearing My Patron Saint George badge and my St George Cross, hoisted in my garden always. Are not the Scottish/Welsh/Iris of mixed race also? but Blair/Brown were determined to be racist undermining the English, determined to irradicate my Country England, simply because they are from another part on this disunited kingdom! I am proud to be English (not British)Its time we had our own English Parliament exactly the same as the Scottish/Welsh/Irish Or would this be classed as rascism? It is simply political properganda from the 17 hundreds. The English will have their own Parliament without interference from other parts on this Island sooner than than one expects. Waes Hael.
Peter, Cheltenham, England

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Being British is great however how much can we call it great with it being a complete democracy for not everyone
Dan, Shepshed, England

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To support Britsh events! I.E football (Even if you don't like it. Eat Britsh! Have freedom! Most of all be PROUD! :)
Unknown, Shepshed, England

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