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What does being british mean to you?

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i love being british no matter what people say about it it dont matter weather you at black of white we are all humans…
Bonnie, colchester, England

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I personally don't think many things make a person British. I think, firstly is a person having a British passport and also i think to some extend that the person should be born in Britian to class themselves as British. I also believe to say your British, you should agree with the British laws and rules within our country.
Tina, london, England

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My view on being British is not necessarily someone who's background is British. Anyone can become a British Citizen and have the British spirit. For example Britain is about people of all different cultures and backgrounds coming together when crises occur, such as the Riots. When they came to an end people came together of all ages and ethnicities to help clean up the mess of which fellow citizens of Britain had made, these people showed lack of respect towards there home ground and gave Britain a bad name as it was so focused in the media, and the after mass of people helping and coming together was not. Also the British Spirit is people who are not afraid to speak out for what they believe and are strong, free speakers who aim to make differences to the world. Therefor in history great Britain managed to gain an empire so Great, considering its such a small group of countries ruled by a small monarchy. I believe most British people are good leaders and have the spirit to want to make changes to society and lead other towards it. However the media can portray British people as being heavy drinkers who allot are on benefits, this is not the case many British people do work hard and do enjoy a drink to relax and socialise as the British are very sociable people just because a small minority do drink heavily shouldn't be held against the mass of British people. British people are very family based as the majority of families live together or close by showing also that we are sociable and care for one another. In conclusion I believe Britain are free spirited, sociable, caring people who's intentions are to help one another in the society we live in.
Georgie, birmingham, England

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I reckon being British means that you have some sort of understanding of Britain and its culture. Also that you contribute to society, by means of education, work or even recycling. I think that if you are going to be considered British, you have to be proud of the culture, know the national anthem and respect the Nation for what it is
Joe, birmingham, England

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To me a British citizen is someone who is proud to live in the United Kingdom and has respect for our country and has a job in the Uk to give back to society :)
Rebecca, birmingham, England

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I've lived in Britain my entire life. I'm half Irish on my mother's side, and my father was born in Argentina but lived in Banbury. I call myself British because I live here and work here and grew up here. I believe in British morals and British law. Support its government no matter how idiotic it may be sometimes. Even though I'm sixteen I have great pride for my country and its people. A British citizen is someone who supports the country, no matter the colour or race of said person. You need not live in Britain to be British.
William, King's Lynn, England

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i belive that we dont need to define Britishness, it is an abstarct word which we as people in Britain use and people in Britain make to show how proud they are to be in a resourced society. we as people living in Britain make the word Britishness.
C, twickenham, UK

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Britishness is being proud of the country and the countries history as this is what makes the country how it is today. Following the rules and regulations is one of the biggest responsibilities that a British citizenship holds, ans this is one of the things that refelcts Britishness
Kawal, Hounslow, England

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I feel that being British is made up of many things, such as the music you listen to down to the way you dress. A typical 'British' person may listen to British bands, such as The Beatles and The Rolling Stones, and may also wear the latest fashions. 'Britishness' is also reflected in food, such as 'Sunday Roasts' and 'Fish and Chips'. I feel that these little things make up Britain as a place, as we are recognized for this, and many people think of these as 'typical' British ways of living.
Ashley, Sandown, England

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The definition of Britishness is always changing. However Britishness is based on the values that people living in Britain have. As well as the music and fashion people listen to and follow.
Pearl, Hounslow, England

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