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What does being british mean to you?

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I think to be British it means to follow and obey the British law. To help the running of the country, and to give your ideas on how it should be run.
Joseph, Hounslow, England

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I think Britishness is something that everyone has their own view about. For me it is about adding you own aspect of life into society which follows the mainstream beliefs, to build upon society. 'British' is somethign we call outselves living in britain having a passport for example
Saif, Hounslow, England

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Being British is a way of life and the way we live is determined by a alot of different things such as culture, religion, upbringing etc. Therefore I believe "Britishness" cannot be established through categories such as music, clothes or values - It's a mixture of all these things and more.
Amrita, Hounslow, England

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I believe that Britishness cannot be defined by any certain aspect of your life such as clothing, music etc however I believe that being British is only made certain from holding a British Passport.
Vneeta, Hounslow, England

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To be fair i love being british... i dont care what you say
Megan, Bristol, England

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To be British means -Say what you mean and mean what you say(be sincere). -Read in between the lines in the conversions you hear and instructions I read. -Use my discretion where applicable. -Apply Chivalry to a large extent, courtesy and manners are very important with words like sorry, please thank-you. -Use my sense of humor effectively and tickle others to laughter. - Be a deep thinker with a powerfully effective mind. Be fair and kind in my dealings with others. -Respect the feelings of others but never scared to tell the truth or speak my mind. - Take time to appreciate the differences every soldier, professional and successful person has made in the land and beyond. - Believe in the blessings of diversity of cultures.
Israel, London, UK

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To me, being British means the spoken language and the pride of our country and i think people need to feel proud again as the pride is getting lost.
Gemma, Colchester, UK

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Our group thinks that the terms being British is all about what the people of our nation have created for others to enjoy. We think that being British is all about being passionate about the country you live in. We also think that being British is creating amazing bands like The Beatles, Blur, The Rolling Stones and Pulp. Music connects people. We as the younger generation also feel that Britain provides comedy geniuses to the world. People like Russell Howard, Noel Fielding and Lee Evans can join the nation through laughter simply by cracking a joke. We as teenagers feel that in terms of food, the traditional Sunday roast or English breakfast entice people to our country to experience our culture. Tea for instance can join generations in a way that truly satisfies our taste buds.
Beth, Rachael and Hannah, Colchester, UK

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Red Post boxes. Red buses. Number 10. The Queen. British Bull dogs. Sunday Roast. Black Cabs. The Beatles. Bowler hats. Loral and Hardy. Stiff upper lip. London. The Union Jack. Parliament. Guy Fawkes. British Ale. Margaret Thatcher. Charles Darwin. The internet. Britannia. Fish and Chips. Seaside Holidays. Blackpool. The BBC. The Church of England. Churchill. Lord Sugar. Sir Paul McCartney. Queen. The 80's. CHAVs. Council Estates. Patrony.
Mary, Colchester, UK

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Britishness is being proud of the country, living in the UK means having the right of freedom and democracy, all British citizens have the right to vote, join pressure groups etc. The British justice system is seen as very fair and the government look after people who are British citizens, for example the NHS and free education. Britishness is also being proud of the countries history as this is what makes the country how it is today. Britishness is also British people respecting each other and treating others how they would like to be treated. Britain is a multicultural country and therefore being British has developed a lot in the years, for example the food has changed from other cultures moving to Britain
Alice, Colchester, UK

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