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What does being british mean to you?

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I would say that to be British it means having a right of serving and providing speeches for freedom. Different races are involved and this is what British is all about. we are multicultral.
Liam, newcastle, UK

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Beatles. The 80s. Vivienne Westwood. The Two Ronnies. London. British Bulldogs. Notting Hill. Queen Elizabeth. Football. Private schools. RED BUSES. London cabs. Night life. Freedom. Ethnic diversity. Long walks. Spitfire planes. Beaches. Fish and chips. Roast dinners with all the trimmings! Industrial revolution. History.
Bea Lee, Colchester, England

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The population changes but the place remains the same. To gain an appreciation of the place, put yourself in the shoes of a continental, surrounded by arbitrary borders with other nations and languages. Jostling, always needing to re-assert identity. So then what is this Island to the North, perched on top of all? So lucky to be an Island, but cold! And rainy. Who would want to live there? People to whom identity is more important than comfort. So the British live less in their senses, more in their principles. They can relax in their identity, which leads to a certain kind of confidence. But this island has been periodically invaded. Ancestral memories of bitter struggles cause inner tension. Lately, Britain has been laid waste and made ugly by the engines of its prosperity. Unacknowledged denial masks the deep grief of despoliation. A brassy edge to the cockiness. It will come home to roost, but the British are no strangers to hardship. They adapt.
prentrup, UK

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to me being british is about national pride and being part of the great empire, it also include a part of acceptance, living in britain we need to learn to live, learn and work side by side with people of other cultures and and other countries. being british is about being diverse.

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Being British means being proud of our history, for without it we have nothing to base our future on. It is irrelevant whether we agree with what happened in our country's past (as I am sure future generations will not like what we are doing now) history is a foundation to build on. If we had not had an Empire would we have such a diverse society as we do now? We need to be proud of all that we achieve. Being British also means in times of adversity getting on with life, supporting those weaker than ourselves, being a friend to others and a help to our neighbours. The British play by the rules, and enjoy Sunday pub lunches and still love cricket on the green
Jonny Gartside, Rochdale, UK

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I hold the values of democracy and freedom of speech dearly and Britain was and is doing well to promote it. Cruel things may have been done to build the mighty empire that once ruled almost a third of the world. But, it also united the world and made it a smaller place: so that everything is no longer alien and people have become a lot more tolerant; this has lead to the birth of a multicultural society. It created a lot of stereotypes that are still used around the world today, for example: famous icons of the Royal Family, The Beatles, Sherlock Holmes, the Houses of Parliament, obsession with weather, congested road, takeaway food, multicultural society, pubs, football, cricket, rugby, kilts, and etcetera. The language seems to dominate a large part of the world and so we should all be proud - not in a conceited way - of what Britain has achieved and show some respect to the name Great Britain.
Anon, UK

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I would define what it means to be British as living in a multicultural society; filled with people of a broad spectrum of ethnicity, this is due to Britain's famous lenient policies on immigration. I would also say that the British people still feel proud of being British, clinging onto the once mighty British Empire, and the lead in the industrial revolution. I also think that the British sense of humour is very unique, our love of sarcasm and irony, that some other countries just don't seem to enjoy like we do. Being British means getting takeouts, whether it is fish 'n' chips, Chinese, Indian or kebab, we are known for our love of them. When I think of Britain, school uniform also strikes me, contrary to the American's casual clothes worn to school. The last thing I would add to what it means to be British is our obsession with social class.
Lewis Obrien, Newport, UK

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Thanx for your efforts. I am an English person (male) who was born in the Uk in Hammersmith London in 1954.(currently living overseas) My family have informed me that I come from the blood of the English on my Mothers side, Welsh blood on my Fathers side,and possibly some some Irish and Scottish blood on my Mothers Fathers side.Her maiden name was Thompson and her Mothers maiden name was Sharpe. Does this qualify to make me a true Brit?
Nick Morgan, South Africa, South Africa

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We need to look after the British Citizens that already inhabit
this country. I am a white, British, ex-army wife and when we came back to
the UK, my son was bullied and robbed at school, by some foreign children in
Harrow. Even saying this, at the time, his best friend was a muslim and my
son respected and still respects his friendís family and their beliefs. But
I feel that they need to learn our rules and respect us too, if they want to
live here and feel welcome. So many of them donít show us respect; is it any
wonder our children are so defensive?
Clare, Silverdale, UK

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As an Englishman I am proud to be a gentleman, to lose gracefully and to stand in queues.
Oliver Clark, London, United Kingdom

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